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The LCE Staff and PTC are thrilled to welcome Rad Robin, Sonic Boom, and Jurassic Jeff to campus to help us learn more about being UNITED and working as a TEAM! We'll play, dance, learn to unlock our potential, and raise funds to support our school, all culminating in an amazing Fun Run on Wednesday, 11/8 (tentative - weather permitting!).

Resources to help athletes and families:

Run Times:

  • 8:15am - (2nd Grade) Shye, Shelton, Beatty
  • 9:00am - (3rd & 4th) Botonis, Stuckey, Cruice
  • 9:45am - (Kinder) Brown, Warren, Giannini
  • 10:30am - (4th & 4/5 Combo) Williams, Coleman, Whiteside
  • 11:15am - (5th Grade) Wright, Hill, Sliepen
  • 12:00pm - (1st Grade) Risucci, Cook, Wetzstein
  • 12:45pm - (2nd & 3rd) Ochoa, Crook, Bombard
  • 1:45pm - (Kinder & 1st) Swanson, Fleshman, Cassidy
Every day there will be a new challenge:
  • Tues., 11/7: If we can raise an additional $400/lap between all of our classes, we will get to COVER MRS. HLADUN IN SILLY STRING!!!!!!!!! We only have two more days of pledging available. Let's make it happen!
  • Mon., 11/6: Any team that can increase their team total by $8/lap will get to participate in an EPIC GLOW-IN-THE-DARK DANCE PARTY!!!!!
  • UPDATE - Run Moved Indoors! Due to the weather and safety we have had to change some of the times for the APEX Fun Run. If you have signed up, please visit http://signup.com/go/QKCrswy and sign up for a new time. If you would like to sign up please visit the link above. Thank you for all of your help and support!!
  • Weekend Challenge:  Every student who enters new pledges that total either $60 flat or $2/lap over the weekend will be entered into the school wide raffle to win a VIP LUNCH with the Apex team!!!!  
  • Thurs., 11/2: every student who enters a new pledge on the Apex website will be entered into their class raffle. The Apex team will randomly choose 3 winners from each class to SPIN THE APEX PRIZE WHEEL at lunchtime!!!!!
  • Wed., 11/1: the class with the biggest increase in pledges on the Apex website will get to have an Apex PRIZE PARTY & test out ALL of this year's prizes!!

  • Tues., 10/31: the class with the most shares on the Apex website using the SHARE WIZARD will get to have an exclusive Apex DANCE PARTY!!!!!!

  • Mon., 10/30: login to www.apexfunrun.com and register your t-shirt size!

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Hello Colts!

We are off to an amazing start this year. We are unrolling new interventions for math (iReady) and new curriculum for all grades in Language Arts. Our enrichment Fridays are getting underway and we look forward to our fall conferences at the end of October and early November. 

Fall and early winter bring some wonderful traditions to campus - we are excited to welcome APEX in November, to check out all the amazing books in our winter book fair, and to listen to our students shine in their holiday performances. We also look forward to some new experiences, including a family paint night in December.
As a staff, we are spending our time building our classroom communities and guiding our students through their learning for the year. Internally, we are also working hard on our own learning though training and professional development. We are diligently looking at data about student learning and figuring out how to best meet every child's individual needs.
LCES is a wonderful place to be, and we are so pleased to have such a wonderful community of families, students, and staff to help us navigate the year. Do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher or to our office team should you need anything.
It's a great day to be a Colt!

Jen Hladun

Principal, Lincoln Crossing Elementary School

jhladun@wpusd.k12.ca.us ~ 916 434 5292


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