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We get more feedback about before/after school pick up than almost anything else on campus! Anytime you have about 600 people coming and going from one place in a short window of time, things are bound to be congested.
Please remember that we provide supervision from 7:50-8:10 before school and 2:40-3 pm (1:40-2 pm on Mondays) after school. The parking area is least busy from 7:50-8 am and 2:50-3 pm/1:50-2 pm.
We need everyone to do their part to ensure that parking is as minimally stressful as possible. Our team's #1 goal is your student's safety. We ask children to wait behind the blue dots while they wait for a ride to ensure their safety, and we ask that you only pick up in designated areas so children aren't running between cars, cars aren't blocked into parking spots, and traffic doesn't get backed up as badly.

Please take a look at this map for a reminder about where you can wait in your car, options for park and walk, and where we ask you to NOT pick up your children.

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Hello Future Colt Families! Kindergarten registration is quickly approaching. Information about the registration process can be found on our website under the "About Us" tab and then the "Kindergarten Registration" section. Alternatively, please click here. We are updating our site regularly with updated information, so check back often!

A New Year Means a Fresh Start!Top of Page

Welcome back to school, Colts! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing vacation, whether you spent it at home or afar. T. S. Eliot said "every moment is fresh beginning." As we start the new year, keep this quote in mind. We all make mistakes, but it's what we do next that defines our character and often our consequences. 
The Colt Way is the best way - and we encourage you to make choice every minute that reflect the expectations of our students and team. We all strive to be safe, respectful, responsible and problem solvers! We've got this, Colts! 
Happy New Year!
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